Friday, May 31, 2013

Save a Little, Save a Lot

Saving money can be a popular topic, especially when prices seem to be going up on everything but wages.  In a recent blog post, "Save, Save, Save", Darryl Baskin gave some great tips on how to save some money.  Check out two of those tips:

  1. Downsize Your Tulsa Home-  If you find that your home is too big or has too many special features that you simply don't need, consider down-sizing.  You can still find a beautiful Tulsa home for sale while saving  money and getting all that you need.  Contact your Tulsa Realtor with questions.
  2. Turn off Lights!-  This is the easiest and cheapest way to save money.  If you have kids, turn it into a game- see who can turn off the  most lights or catch someone leaving a light on.
For some additional tips on saving money, visit the article link above.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Which Title Is Best for You?

Selecting the type of Tulsa real estate title can be as important as selecting any other factor of a home.  Sometimes, it can be more important.  Legal problems can arise simply because the type of title was not considered thoroughly before the real estate transaction occurred. 

Let's think about a type of title called "Tenants in Common".  With this type of title each person owns a specific percentage of the property.  The New York Times, in the article "A Quick Guide to Property Titles"   says that with Tenants in Common- "the form of ownership typically used by co-owners who are not married to each other — each owner’s interest belongs to that individual.  So with a tenancy in common, any owner can sell his or her interest to someone else, or if an owner dies, his or her share passes to heirs or beneficiaries."

Although this sounds pretty simply, there can be serious legal ramifications with any type of title selection.  Talk to your Tulsa attorney and Tulsa title company to find out which type of title is the best for your needs.   For more information on types of titles, read "Tulsa Title Considerations."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Home Buyers...What Mistakes Should You Avoid?

As a home buyer, it is easy to get caught up in the emotion of buying a new home.  The problem is that mistakes with a Tulsa home purchase can cost time, money, or even your home.  One common error that home buyers often make is going through the closing process on their Tulsa area home without information.

As a Tulsa home buyer, stay informed!  Do your own research.  Talk to your Tulsa mortgage banker, Tulsa area Real Estate Agent, and Tulsa closing company about what you should expect.  Ask them for good resources so that you can find our more information.  For more home buyer mistakes, visit "Common Errors by Home Buyers" .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

FHA is Cracking Down on Collection Debt

A new rule by FHA, taking effect on applications dated July 1st or after, will begin to crack down on anyone with collections debt.  When applying for your Tulsa area mortgage, if you have unpaid collections accounts that total more than $1000 (including medical collections), you could have difficulty.  For more information about this new FHA rule and how it may affect you, contact your Tulsa mortgage banker or your Tulsa realtor.  You may also read more at The Baskin Report